Medical education

We can create innovative training programmes for the effective education of your target audience: customers, representatives, scientists or patients. Our distance learning materials are varied and easy to use, providing a cost-effective and convenient way to train and brief members of your team.

We combine your data resources, study reports, clinical submission documents and information from the scientific literature along with the latest opinions from the clinic to form the building blocks for training documents and learning materials.

Niche provides well-prepared and eye-catching materials for a variety of media and has covered many congresses and symposia.

Training packages that integrate a product’s profile with current opinion can form a core resource for use in any educational material. Robust new media materials communicate messages and information in an engaging way, enhancing the learning experience. All this can be achieved in line with ABPI and other guidelines.

Irrespective of the messaging media or document type, or whether your intended target audience consists of medical professionals, patients or pharmaceutical industry employees, Niche will ensure that your materials are clear, comprehensible, and promote information exchange.



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