Grant Applications and Project Dissemination Partnership

As specialists in supporting successful grant applications, partnering with Niche will allow you to focus your resources on developing your project concept, leaving the task of building your grant application and planning your dissemination activities to our experienced team.

We offer:

  • Support and guidance in developing and submitting your application
  • Scientific/feasibility review by our Chief Medical Officer and Head of Clinical Project Management
  • Full project management to meet your resource requirements
  • Regulatory guidance and support
  • Delivery of update reports to the funding body and stakeholders
  • A managed strategic communications plan
  • Opportunities for grant partnership (recent projects where Niche has been an active partner include Frailomic, Mid-Frail and RasP-UK)

We tailor our services to fit your needs based on your scope of funding, organisation and the level of support you require. Our team can support all your writing needs.

Whether you are new to grant applications and need to identify funds you may be eligible for, or you need specific support in a grant application, we can fit our services to suit your needs.


t: + 44 (0)20 8332 2588
f: +44 (0)70 4306 5098