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Insider's Insight Holding MeeetingsHolding Meeting

Issue 1

Meetings are a necessary evil but handled badly they can be a terrible waste of time. We provide insights on conducting successful and effective meetings.

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Insider's Insight Handling RejectionHandling Rejection

Issue 2

All authors will get some form of rejection from a journal at one time during in their careers. We offer some insights on managing journal submissions successfully.

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Insider's Insight Concept ProtocolsConcept Protocols

Issue 3

Concept protocols are short, flexible documents that can be reviewed quickly and edited easily. We provide some insights on their efficient design and use.

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Insider's Insight Poster PresentationsGood Publication Practice

Issue 4

Authors, collaborators, and organisations share responsibility for developing articles and presentations in a logical and ethical manner. We provide interpretation of good publication guidelines.

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Insider's Insight Targeted Journal SelectionTargeted Journal Selection

Issue 5

Choosing the wrong journal can result in your publication being delayed. An informed process that targets optimal journal identification will save you time, money and heartache.

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Insider's Insight Poster PresentationsClinical Study Reports

Issue 6

The clinical study report (CSR) is a crucial document in the drug development and regulatory submission process. We provide key learnings to ensure prompt delivery of high quality CSRs.

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Insider's Insight Amazing AbstractsAmazing Abstracts

Issue 7

An abstract is simply a short, standalone summary of your work or paper. Writing abstracts is easy, writing amazing abstracts is not as easy to accomplish. We show you how.

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Insider's Insight Poster PresentationsPoster Presentations

Issue 8

Anyone can read guidelines on what makes a great poster, but can they produce something that looks professional and clearly communicates your message? Niche can and does.

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Insider's Insight Better Slide PresentationsBetter Slide Presentations

Issue 9

Use the right slide design and your whole presentation will come to life. Follow some simple rules and you will create well-designed presentation slides that effectively communicate your message.

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Insider's Insight Branding ScienceBranding Science

Issue 10

A well-chosen name and visual identity for a clinical programme will promote awareness of a clinical intervention and/or practice. We provide here some insights on how.

Being Updated

Insider's Insight Perfect Press ReleasesPerfect Press Releases

Issue 11

Writing a press release is not difficult, though there are conventions that should be followed if you want your material to attract the attention of gate keepers.

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Insider's Insight PlagiarismPlagiarism

Issue 12

The issue of plagiarism is of growing concern within biomedical and life science research. Can you navigate it safely? We advise on how to avoid unwarranted accusations of intellectual theft.

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Insider's Insight Training RecordsTraining Records

Issue 13

Staff working on research studies must be familiar with the requirements of GCP and have up-to-date training records. We provide insights into their content and maintenance.

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Insider's Insight Key Opinion Leader IdentificationKey Opinion Leader Identification

Issue 14

We summarise what do you need to know to ensure that your next search for ‘thought leaders’ is conducted in an appropriate and considered fashion.

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Insider's Insight Literature SearchesLiterature Searches

Issue 15

Your literature search’s quality and value is wholly dependent on the thought and effort you put into developing your search strategy. We show you how to identify the most appropriate references.

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Insider's Insight AuthorshipAuthorship

Issue 16

Authorship can be a source of unethical behaviour and disputes. We provide guidance on how to navigate the authorship minefield.

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Insider's Insight Bibliometrics BreakdownBibliometrics Breakdown

Issue 17

Do you know your h-index from your m-quotient? Familiarity with bibliometric parameters aids in your assessment of publications. Niche shows you how you may interpret these parameters and employ them effectively.

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Insider's Insight Self PromotionSelf Promotion

Issue 18

Long gone are the days of publishing your findings in a journal and simply returning to the bench. We are living in the Information Age – we describe key terms that will help you understand the process of self promotion.

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Insider's Insight Site SelectionSite Selection

Issue 19

High functioning investigator sites are essential to the delivery of a successful clinical trial. But not all sites seem able to fulfil their study requirements.

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Insider's Insight TitlesTitles

Issue 20

Titles are the first thing readers see, yet often they are addressed at the end of your project, and just as often are the aspect of your work that is given the least attention.

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Insider's Insight PhDPhD

Issue 21

Writing your PhD thesis can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to contribute to your field, relate to your peers with similar interests, and challenge your understanding. While the process is incredibly rewarding, it is best to be appropriately prepared. So we’ve put together a handy guide – so you know exactly what to expect.

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Insider's Insight TitlesConsensus

Issue 22

Clinical consensus statements reflect opinions drafted by experts for which agreement has been sought on specific clinical challenges. In contrast to clinical practice guidelines, they are more applicable to situations where evidence is limited or lacking, but where there are opportunities to reduce uncertainty and improve quality of care for patients.

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Insider's Insight Investigator's BrochureInvestigator's Brochure

Issue 23

The Investigator's Brochure is a crucial multidisciplinary document in the drug development and regulatory submission process. We provide key learnings to ensure you delivery of a well-constructed, fully compliant document.

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Insider's Insight Responding to Manuscript ReviewersResponding to Reviewers

Issue 24

A well-constructed response to the reviewers is the key to how well your ‘corrected’ manuscript will be received and whether it will be accepted for publication.

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Insider's Insight MeetingsOrganising a Professional Conference

Issue 25

Scientific meetings are at the heart of a scientist’s professional life. The secret behind successful events is a blend of planning and organisation. Crack these and you will be a hard act to follow.

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Grant ApplicationsGrant Applications

Issue 26

Competition for funding is fierce, only a minority of proposals receive support. Grant writing is a skill essential to your average researcher.

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Insider's Insights Good Laboratory PracticeGood Laboratory Practice

Issue 27

Good Laboratory Practice is a quality system for planning, performing, monitoring, recording, reporting and retaining non-clinical studies.

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Insider's Insights Case ReportsCase Reports

Issue 28

Case reports are a cornerstone of medical commenting. They typically provide invaluable insight into potentially novel and/or relevant clinical conditions and treatment.

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Insider's Insights Awesome Advisory BoardsAwesome Advisory Boards

Issue 29

Advisory boards should not be viewed as a stand-alone event, nor will they necessarily address all aspects of a knowledge gap.

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Insider's Insights Investigator Initiated TrialsInvestigator Initiated Trials

Issue 30

Investigator initiated trials offer benefits for investigators, patients and pharmaceutical companies, but they also carry risk.

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Insider's Insights Investigator Initiated TrialsArtificial Intelligence in Medical Writing

Issue 31

Artificial intelligence has reached a point where non-experts can use them to support their work. Should they?

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Insider's Insights Investigator Initiated TrialsInsiders Insight Reviews Guide

Issue 32

The ever-increasing range of scientific knowledge feeds the need for well-conceived reviews that summarise the state-of-play and, through the cited literature, provide an opportunity to dig deeper into the topic of interest.

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