Grant Applications and Project Dissemination Partnership

Niche can offer complete support in preparing project proposals for funding. Optimise your time and improve your chances of success with our proposal writing package. Engaging Niche will allow you to focus your resources on the project concept, leaving the task of preparing a sound funding proposal to our experienced team. Our operations team can build realistically costed contributions for your submission. When the time comes our team will also be able to support project delivery in terms of clinical project management function, quality oversight, administrative tasks such as periodical and technical reporting.

With extensive experience in developing and delivering publications plans, Niche can serve as your dissemination partner in your next submission.  An tailored dissemination plan, aimed at ensuring early adoption of research and facilitation informed changes to clinical practice, are becoming an essential work package in all national and international submissions.

As an SME partner, Niche not only can broaden your opportunities, it can provide a fully budgeted dissemination plan at the time of submission, provide editorial support for documentation review and coordinate submission compilation.  As a project partner, Niche will be working full-time to maximise the profile of your project through a branding package for newsletters and websites as well as scene-setting and finding dissemination through scientific manuscripts and information channel exploitation, all delivered as part of a managed strategic communications plan.

Our services can be tailored to fit your needs, from the type of organisation you are to the level of support you require. Whether you are new to grant funding and need to identify what funds may be available to you, you need specific support in a grant application or you need support in managing you, we have a service level to suit your needs.



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